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A 3D fitting tool for the kinematics of galaxies

Download the binaries

Here you can download the pre-compiled binaries of latest BBarolo version. If you any problem with these, you should compile the code from the source.

Downloads includes both the GUI (experimental) and the Command Line executable. For the Mac application, the latter can be found in the package contents (, or manually downloaded.
The GUI allows you to set the most of parameters, several options can however be enabled only through the command line.

NOTE: Although all the required libraries are already in the binaries, you still need to have installed Gnuplot and Python with Astropy (> 1.0) to get all the outputs.

NOTE 2: I am having some problems with the GUI and the outputs made by Python. To get the outputs, just launch the GUI from the command line.

GUI and Command Line for OS X 10.10 and higher
Command Line binary for OS X 10.10 and higher
GUI and Command Line for Linux x86_64